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Single VortexHealing® Energy Healing Session

Single VortexHealing® Energy Healing Session

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This session is designed to begin the process of Opening and Restoring your Energy Pathways. Here we can discover any issues that may be present in your Energy System affecting quality of life and wellbeing.

You will receive approximately 1.5 hours of channeled healing time with April. 

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing is a holistic system of multi-dimensional healing & inner awaking and can be done at any distance. For more information visit 

Issues manifest from the energetic/spiritual plane and then make their way into the denser physical reality. We often say "the issues are stored in the tissues"

Subconscious beliefs, thought patterns, ego positions, karmic imprints, trauma, and ingrained behaviors can keep us creating undesired outcomes in our lives. Impacting our health, relationships, and overall sense of wellness. Often we are engaging in this without our awareness of our part in this creation.

Working with a certified VortexHealing® Practitioner offers to provide a subtle shift in consciousness that allows us to manifest and create our lives from a clearer and more aligned space. This allows us to take back our innate power and become more deliberate in how we create our life experiences. 

*Please note, working with April is for you only if you are open and ready to take complete responsibility and accountability of your current life circumstances. April is a UAP Certified VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing Practitioner.

Payment Plans Available. There are no refunds after purchase. Please provide 24 hour cancellation notification to avoid being charged for the session.

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