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Our fan club

  • Absolutely AMAZING!!!

    “The food and smoothies are bursting with flavor and SO WORTH the healthy dollar. I highly recommend this place to anyone from or traveling through.”

    — Tiphanie H.

  • Great for vegan folks

    “Eureka Springs needed a place like this! Love that I can get organic, fresh salads and yummy juices and smoothies! Vegan folks have many great options.”

    — Jennifer L.

  • In love with Love Greens!

    “Love Greens has the tastiest and most creative salads in Northwest Arkansas. They have wonderful combinations and the're all super filling.”

    — Nick R.

  • Always stop by before work

    “Extensive smoothie menu with plenty of add-ons, staff is very friendly, and the manager/owner is versed with health and dietary knowledge.”

    — Blossora.

  • So amazing!

    “Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, allergy friendly options! The juices are so great and fresh! Incredible salads! You can make your own...”

    — Mimi C.

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Exceptional greens

  • Uniquely delicious

    Everything on our menu is made with fresh, whole ingredients and is designed to provide you with the nutrients your body needs. Our goal is to make it easy for you to eat healthy without sacrificing flavor or convenience. So come by and see us today! We know you'll love our food as much as we do.

  • Hand crafted salads

    At Love Greens, we take pride in creating unique meals that are as healthy as they are indulgent — and our hand-crafted salads embody this mission wholly. Let us change the way you think about salads forever with abundantly flavorful dishes that will blow your taste buds away.

  • Made by us to bring you joy

    Someone once said, “Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” In a nutshell, this is how we want you to feel. We are dedicated to providing delicious, healthy food in a welcoming environment. Come join us at Love Greens and discover the power of plants!

How greens can help

What is a green based diet?

A green based diet is one of the healthiest dietary strategies available - it emphasizes eating more vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds. With so many amazing benefits from adding more greens to your plate, you may be wondering what this type of diet really entails. Join us as we explore everything there is to know about a green-based plant-based diet and how incorporating this strategy into your lifestyle can promote improved wellbeing!

What are the benefits of a green based diet?

Do you want to get healthier and live a more sustainable life? Adopting a green-based diet is an excellent way to nurture your body, mind, and soul. Not only does it help reduce our environment's pollution levels, but it can also provide numerous health benefits that include improved digestion and reduced inflammation.

How can I incorporate a green based diet into my life?

Following a green based diet is quickly becoming one of the top food trends among vegans and health-conscious folks alike. Eating more plant-based foods gives you access to fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients that have an abundance of vitamins, minerals and essential compounds for optimal health. From day-to-day snacks to meals loaded with flavor and variety, incorporating greens into your diet can easily become part of your regular routine.