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Love Greens

SweetSadies Bakes™ Gluten & Grain Free Muffins

SweetSadies Bakes™ Gluten & Grain Free Muffins

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Great for the Holidays and Special Events!

Let Love Greens™ partnered with SweetSadies Bakes™ do the healthy baking for you. Whether you are looking for a healthy sweet treat for yourself or to feed a large group, we have you covered.

SweetSadies Bakes™uses organic top notch ingredients and everything is always made from scratch using no refined sugars, no hydrogenated oils, no grains, or gluten.

Choose one of their 4 delicious flavors or try one of each!! The muffins come in a 12 pack, wrapped and ready to eat. 

Loaves Can Be Shipped in the USA and Local Pick Up Available

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