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Love Greens

SweetSadies Bakes™ Gluten & Grain Free Pies

SweetSadies Bakes™ Gluten & Grain Free Pies

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Great for the Holidays and Events!

Let Love Greens™ partnered with SweetSadies Bakes™ do the healthy baking for you. Whether you are looking for a healthy sweet treat for yourself or to feed a large group, we have you covered.

SweetSadies Bakes™ uses organic top notch ingredients and everything is always made from scratch using no refined sugars, no hydrogenated oils, no grains, or gluten.

Choose one of their two delicious flavors or try one of each!! The pies come uncooked and frozen in whole pie form. This pie can feed up to 8 healthy slices and comes with baking instructions.

Delicious served hot with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream topped with whipped cream and a warm and comforting Goldie Blendi™. 

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